Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I know you've probably heard of this form of art before, but have you ever bothered to try it? I'm a huge fan of origami because of the creativity some people can use with it. I've seen Star Wars origami, animal origami, just everything origami. If you can imagine it, you can make a paper craft from it. Its a neat little party trick too. You might not believe it, but some people are easily impressed with a little origami, especially the girls. Sure, it might be difficult to learn but who wouldn't want to be able to make a tank out of a dollar bill?

 Whats even more interesting about this is how people think they can't do it. All it really is, is folding paper into complex designs. Are you saying you can't fold paper? Now granted some designs are far more complex than others and may require a little bit more dexterity than others, but even then its still just folding paper. The only limitation to being able to doing something like this is yourself. I urge you to just try doing a little origami, and if you don't know how there are many many websites that will teach you how, there are even youtube videos if that's easier for you. Even if its just one or two designs to learn, its still a cool little part trick that you can impress your friends with. Remember, people are far more interesting when they have the ability to do more than someone else can. Most people can't do origami, so make yourself a better person by learning just a teeny tiny bit, add that in with other things you know other people can't do and you're already making yourself a more interesting person to be around. Make your world more interesting by making yourself more interesting. All it's going to cost you is a little bit of time.

Yes, this is Origami.


  1. ok yeah that dragon is just awesome, who ever made that has some real talent.

  2. I like the dollar tank. It's cool AND spendable.