Friday, February 18, 2011


   First off, before I get this article started let me state my apology for being absent in my posts for a while. Last weekend, as stated in my previous post I was away on a short vacation for Valentine's. The only reason why I've been quiet now is because of my day-job. My little vacation had some consequences with my boss that have been resolved with some extra hard work.

   Pandora. This has helped me a lot the past week so I decided that my re-entry post should be all about it. Basically, if you don't know about this already, is that its a streaming website for music. You name an artist, song, or genre and it plays songs that are similar in taste to what you pick, but it will not play the song you choose. That would be against some intellectual properties laws that prohibit giving away free music, this is sort of their way of getting around that. Its really a great service, the ads that play every few songs might be annoying, but it really is a great service. If you don't pay for it, you can listen for free for up to 40 hours in one month, if you reach that limit however, you can pay 1$ to listen for the rest of the month with unlimited time.

   If that isn't your fancy, you can always pay the 36$ for one year, where you get unlimited listening for any device (if a phone + data charges of course) with no ads and a cool desktop app so you don't have to run Pandora in a browser. I personally use this, and I love it. I have around 40 or so stations each with their own flavor for what I feel like listening to, and I can always make another one if they don't fit the mood I'm in. The reason why I love this so much? Gaming or working, this breaks the silence or repetitive sounds with some good beats to liven things up a bit, and give things a refreshing taste. Not only that, but it helps time go by quicker when working and personally, music helps me concentrate. Another plus for Pandora One is that it also has a higher bit-rate for higher quality streaming, that can be used in the desktop app or the web browser. Either way, pay or for free, Pandora is a fantastic way to make things go by quicker if you need them to. Its a fantastic internet radio for when you don't have the CD's for the genre, and you need to listen to something. Its even great for finding groups that you otherwise might not have heard of, you know, like ones out of the country?

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  1. I just hate the ads. Grooveshark is sweet, too, but they don't have an app.